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What is a wok and how could a wok make your everyday life easier



What makes the difference between two woks? 


Basic guidelines to follow that will make you new wok-exceprience smooth and easy right from the beginning

Deliery to your door within 5 days

All the woks are in the European warehouse. No need to wait weeks for your wok to arrive

Everywhere in the European Union

We ship to every EU country – close to us, where ever you live

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Excellent material and craftmenship 

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What people and articles are saying

"Woks from Mammafong are my top picks" -

I have reviewed the best hand hammered carbon steel wok both flat and round bottom in this article. Woks from Mammafong are my top picks.

Hand hammered woks are the all time favorites of professional chefs because of their sturdy and crafty built. Mammafong is one such brand that offers some of the top hand hammered woks on the market.

"This could be the best deep-frying wok" -

This could be the best deep-frying wok if you are in the market for the same. It is a traditional-style wok and is built to offer durability. That means that it can easily withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen.

Handcrafted in China, you can be sure that this product will deliver the functionality and longevity you want in your cookware.


"Gives you every reason to buy" .

If you love hosting dinners at your home, then this model’s higher cooking capacity will give you every reason to buy. It’s built tough, features a durable design and it earned top marks for its beautiful exterior that makes this pan display-worthy.


"Best overall, my favorite choice" -

Best Overall: Mamma Fong Flat Bottom Wok. My favorite choice, from Mamma Fong, is a Chinese Pow-style wok. It has one long handle to shake and flip your food with a “pao” motion. A pow-style wok shape is a better choice than a Cantonese-style shape, a bowl with smaller handles on both sides, because it fits most home cooking styles of lifting, moving, and generally fidgeting with the food.


"Best Wok for Electric Stove" -


Best wok for electric stove is Mammafong blue carbon wok. All you have to do is start cooking with this carbon steel wok as it readily comes with a natural coating. This Mammafong wok comes pre-seasoned and is sealed with a blend of natural oils at a very high temperature.

Best Wok for Electric Stove


“Excellent wok”

This is an excellent WOK especially for the price. Came in well packaged, cleaned the pot to remove the shipping oil. Heated till it completely turned blue, let cool then applied canola oil and turned fire on low and let heat for 10 minutes. Did that a couple times and cooked my first meal. 100 percent satisfied!

April 18, 2021

“Makes Asian cooking a breeze”

The heat distribution is awsome with this wok. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Nancy on January 30, 2021

“The best tool for a healthy diet”

I have cooked lunch and dinner on it every day since I got it about a week ago. This is a great wok. The handle is long enough to cook over a really hot heat source. In the end a wok’s a wok. They’ve been making these things for 2,000 years. This is as good a wok as any home chef could ever need if it’s properly seasoned (high heat), properly cleaned (no soap ever) and you have a good heat source. Wok Chi!

Anthony  June 17, 2020

“Love this wok”

Love love this wok! This is my first carbon steel wok. And it has everything I want. The flat bottom, hand hammered, wooden handle! Perfect. And I seasoned it the first time, this is how it looks like after first seasoning. Can’t wait to use it to make more food!

Authentic, hand hammered

Hand hammering is not only a fashionable slogan. Hand-hammering changes the structure of the metal, giving it greater strength and durability than a factory made one.


The slight indentations left by the hammering pattern allow you to push cooked food to the sides of the pan, while adding ingredients to the center without them slipping.


Smooth delivery, hustle free order

We ship to every european country.


Great Value Guaranteed

We only offer high quality products at affordable prices.

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professionnal attitude merged with family values

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